Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chelmsford Creamery Ice Cream similar to Gary’s Ice Cream or is it a different product entirely?
Mike Griffin was the ice cream maker for Gary’s Ice Cream and is part of the new management team that took over the shop when Gary retired after 48 years.   He is using the same machinery, techniques and formulas that began with John Glennie in Lowell back in the 1930’s and was passed on from John Glennie to Gary. 

Is Chelmsford Creamery available anywhere else?
Chelmsford Creamery Ice Cream is ONLY sold at our store in East Chelmsford, MA.

Why don’t you sell Sugar-Free or Fat Free Ice Cream or Yogurt?
We are not comfortable with the ingredients that must replace the fat or the sugars in ice cream.
We also feel that many people assume that they can eat these products if they are diabetic, lactose-intolerant, etc.
In some cases, nothing could be further from the truth – only your own personal physician can make that decision.
We prefer to sell pure, natural products that have had no modifications to them.

Is Chelmsford Creamery open year-round?
We are open from early Spring thru late Fall.